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Let’s just start off by clarifying that detailing is not a valet car wash, in and out service. Most of our detail work ranges from 6hrs up to 30hrs worth of meticulous detailing. Our experience allows us to determine what technique and products are used to deliver dramatic results. We employ the finest products and tools such as, steam cleaners, specialty detailing brushes, carpet shampoo extraction and machine polishers combined with products from leading brands to give you the best and longest lasting results that you demand from a professional detailing service. You even get a choice of tyre dressing options from satin up to a high gloss finish. There is simply too many areas of the vehicle that we address to list. With this in mind, our aim in every project we undertake is to return your vehicle into a better than show-room condition everytime! 

So if it’s a daily driver, prestige ride or show car, we can custom design a package that suits your needs.

Detail Lab’s experience and superior products ensure a perfect finish that will last.

Pricing Guide
Luxury Car Detailing

Car Detailing Sydney

Packages and Pricing Guide

Mini Lab

Detail Package



  • All interior trim wiped & protected
  • Interior carpets & mats brushed & vacuumed including boot
  • Leather cleansed & conditioned
  • Glass cleaned
  • Premium 5 Stage Wash Procedure
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Wheel arches rinsed
  • Engine bay rinsed
  • Blow dry crevices and panel gaps.
  • Si02 infused protectant applied
  • Tyres dressed

Standard Lab

Detail Package



All inclusions from Mini Lab


  • Leather DEEP cleanse & condition
  • Fabric spot cleaning/extraction
  • Engine bay detailed & dressed
  • Light polish (Gloss Enhancement)

Premium Lab

Detail Package



All inclusions from Standard Lab


  • Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • Clay Bar Decontamination
  • Single Stage Machine Polish

Ultra Lab

Detail Package



All inclusions from Premium Lab


  • Multi-Stage Paint Correction Procedure

About Detail Lab Detailing Services

How often should my car be detailed?

Most experts recommend a new detail every four to six months, which equates to 2-3 times a year. However that’s just a rule of thumb, and your detailing frequency should depend on both your car and the type of person you are. Obviously, the more often you have one done, the better condition your car will be in.

Why is it important to detail your car?

One of the most important reasons to clean the exterior of your car is that exterior car cleaning is the best way to remove dust, dirt, and other forms of unsightly buildup from the outer surfaces of your car. As you drive, dirt and pollutants will gradually build up on your car’s paint job.

General Detail Lab FAQS

Your prices say 'From' - how do I know how much it'll cost?

Due to there being many different types of vehicles and the condition of the paint work can vary greatly we can only give an estimate, the final cost would depend on how much work is involved. Please contact us and we will be able to give you an estimate.

Why do you require the vehicle at your workshop?

To ensure we deliver high quality workmanship we need to perform our Paint Correction service in a controlled environment. Our facilities are set up with the latest tools and equipment, lighting and products to ensure the best possible results.

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