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Paint correction is a specialised service that is offered by professional car detailers. It involves the process the process of restoring and enhancing the paint work of a vehicle by removing surface imperfections from the paint surface of a car. Swirl marks, fine scratches, bird droppings, discolouration, holograms, and random deep scratches can all be treated using our paint correction services.

At Detail Lab Sydney, we offer the latest equipment and knowledge to fulfil your auto paint correction needs. You’ll get tailored services like one-step paint correction and black paint correction is our specialty. Unlike many in the industry, we can also offer ceramic coating to lock in the benefits of paint correction whilst adding gloss and protection.

Pricing Guide
Automotive Paint Correction


If you are not sure about how to select the best paint correction specialist in Sydney, here are a few suggestions that you should consider:

  • Experience: Paint correction is not an easy job – it is complex and elaborate. For this reason, you should always trust a true professional with your paint correction requirements. Detail Lab has the best trained team in Sydney to take on any paint correction tasks. Unlike amateurs who are looking to make a quick buck, we know how to handle your vehicle to get the job done right and in the proper way first time around.
  • Added Protection: Paint correction will definitely enhance the look of your car, but a professional paint correction job will also ensure that the work is protected. At Detail Lab, we offer paint protection services like ceramic coating after paint correction. Do get in touch with our team to find out more.
  • Equipment: The equipment and products being used for auto paint corrections have to be the best. We have a reputation of sourcing the best products and equipment on the market for all our services, so it goes without saying that when it comes to paint correction, we literally have got what it takes.
  • Budget: At Detail Lab we offer a range of packages to our customers that fits within their budget. We offer paint correction for various makes and models. Our price ranges usually between $400 to $1000 and it usually depends on the condition of your vehicles paint finish.
  • Condition of the Vehicle: Make sure that your decision for choosing paint correction is well thought out. A paint correction will give your car a brand-new look, but it won’t hide its defects. Paint correction is a great option for cars that are already in good condition and have minor defects. However, if your car is in poor condition, then you should look for a more extensive repair job.


  • Pre-Clean: Always make sure that you water down your car properly before you begin your wash. This helps loosen the dirt and other foreign particles on the body of your car. Try pre foaming with a quality foam gun and solution to chemically agitate the debris.
  • Two-Bucket Method: Use two buckets, one with suds, one with water. Rinse your microfibre wash mitt in the water as you move around the vehicle to prevent swirl inducing debris entering the suds bucket.
  • Start with Wheels: It is always a good practice to start the wash with the wheels and then rinse them off. Next move to the cleanest panels, usually the tops, and work your way down from there. Finish the glass in the end or you could end up having water drying up on your windshield before you can wipe it off.
  • Rinse: Use a pressure wash to rinse out all the soap and cleaning products on the body of the vehicle. Make sure that no residue stays behind as that could have a delayed damaging effect on your car.
  • Dry: Use a microfiber drying towel to gently wipe away all the water. Use a drying towel with a quick detail spray to finish down even if you have removed the water using a blower as there is always a possibility of water mark formations.

Get Your Paint Correction Done by the Best

Detail Lab in Sydney offers the best paint correction service for your car. To find out more, call our experts on 1300 344 334.

Stage One Paint Correction

Suited to cars already in good condition with very minimal to no swirl marks that are just looking for a gloss enhancement. A Stage One is not enough to remove swirl marks from dark coloured cars.

Stage Two Paint Correction

Suited to cars with minor to moderate swirl marks and light scratches, it involves an abrasive polish to remove imperfections followed by a finishing polish to refine the paint work further.

Stage Three Paint Correction

Suited to cars in poor condition with deeper scratches, heavy swirling or faded paint work, it involves a heavy cutting polish, followed by an abrasive polish then a finishing polish to refine the paint work further.

Stage One
Paint Correction

From $695


  • High Pressure Wash Exterior, Wheels & Arches
  • Clay Bar Treatment to Remove Contamination
  • Single Stage Machine Polish
  • Tyres Glossed
  • High Quality Paint Sealant Applied

Stage Two
Paint Correction

From $1295.00


  • High Pressure Wash Exterior, Wheels & Arches
  • Clay Bar Treatment to Remove Contamination
  • Stage Two Machine Polish
  • Tyres Glossed
  • High Quality Paint Sealant Applied

Stage Three
Paint Correction

From $1595


  • High Pressure Wash Exterior, Wheels & Arches
  • Clay Bar Treatment to Remove Contamination
  • Stage Three Machine Polish
  • Tyres Glossed
  • High Quality Paint Sealant Applied

About Detail Lab Paint Correction

What's the difference between a 'Cut and Polish' and a Paint Correction?

Technically they are both “Machine Polishing”. However, a “Cut and Polish” is a term you will generally find being used by Car Wash Cafe’s and by cheap ‘detailers’ doing a ‘quick buff’. A paint correction is generally a term used by a trained professional who has an eye for detail and chases every imperfection to get the paint work in perfect condition with a combination of polishes, polishing pads, machines and techniques that suit the type of paint work on your vehicle.

Why does a Paint Correction cost more than a Cut and Polish?

As mentioned in the answer above a Paint Correction is generally a much more extensive machine polish by a professional who will take the time to get the paint work right and remove the imperfections. As a guide, a Stage Two Correction can take approx. 30-45 min per panel, times this by 10-13 panels on a car and it comes to 5-9hrs just to machine polish the car alone! If you are after a cheap cut n polish, chances are you will get cheap quality work!

How long does a paint correction take?

Depending on the condition of the paint and what is required, a paint correction can take anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days.

General Detail Lab FAQS

Your prices say 'From' - how do I know how much it'll cost?

Due to there being many different types of vehicles and the condition of the paint work can vary greatly we can only give an estimate, the final cost would depend on how much work is involved. Please contact us and we will be able to give you an estimate.

Do you guarantee all perfections will be removed?

We strive to produce a perfect finish however a number of things have to be taken into consideration such as the budget and not all imperfections can always be removed as they may be too deep, affected the clear coat or simply there is not enough clear coat left on the car to polish back.

Why do you require the vehicle at your workshop?

To ensure we deliver high quality workmanship we need to perform our Paint Correction service in a controlled environment. Our facilities are set up with the latest tools and equipment, lighting and products to ensure the best possible results.

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