No. 1 auto detailing workshop in St Ives

Anyone who does car detailing work is aiming to reproduce the gloss and sheen of showroom quality. This is done on both the exterior and interior of the car through cleaning, restoration, finishing and protection. To preserve this work, Detail Lab uses a mixture of ceramic paint protection and paint protection film.

Detail Lab sources only the highest quality paint protection film to ensure our detailing work lasts into the future. Our technicians are trained to apply PPF, and to give you the best possible detailing experience possible.


To make sure your detailing work lasts, paint protection film is applied by hand onto the exterior of your car. This benefits your car by:

  • Protection from damage caused by insects, bird droppings and road debris
  • Scratch and crack resistant with a high-gloss finish
  • Top Coating protects the PPF film from discoloration, keeping the film invisible
  • Easy installation and high longevity
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Self-healing topcoat protects from surface scratches
  • The PPF does not change how you maintain your car. You can wax, wash and care for your car as normal.

Car protection film is not the only way you can keep your detailing work from wear and tear. Ceramic paint protection acts as a wax and provides extra protection against chemical contaminants such as bird droppings and acid rain.

Benefits of ceramic paint protection include:

  • Protection from oxidization
  • Protection from chemical etching
  • Hydrophobic: muddy water will have a harder time staining your car
  • Enhanced gloss

While paint protection film can be applied by itself, ceramic paint protection is no substitute for paint protection film and should be used in conjunction.

Best place to get your car window tinting in St Ives

While darker windows can improve the look of your car, there are better reasons to have your car windows tinted.

  • Decreases heat in your car
  • Stops sun damage to your interior
  • Eliminates 99.6% of your UV rays
  • Reduces sun glare, protecting your eyes
  • Increases safety, especially when driving into the sun

Ready to get your car detailed or windows tinted? Come to our workshop in St Ives!

If you need any car detailing or car window tinting service, give us a call on 1300 344 334 and come see us at our workshop at Unit 28/28 Barcoo St Roseville 2069. Our workshop is conveniently located close to bus access and there is ample parking out front!