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Car window tinting by Detail Lab is gaining a lot of popularity in Sydney. Many car owners are now opting for a car window tint as there are many physical, aesthetic, and material benefits attached to them. At Detail Lab, we provide the widest variety of car window tinting options for our customers in Sydney. We have everything ranging from premium to entry range. We also offer car window tinting in various packages with our ceramic paint protection.

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  • UV Protection: Car window tinting is the best line of defence against harmful effects of UV rays. UV rays not only harm your body, but given its electromagnetic nature, it can also damage your car’s electronics.
  • Anti-Glare: Car window tinting offers protection against glares. This is beneficial when you are driving at night. It also helps when you are driving in the afternoon in a hilly or elevated area when sudden sun glares can impede your vision momentarily and compromise your safety.
  • Cuts Excess Heat: Window tinting blocks out a lot of sun rays, thus reducing the heat that builds up within the car. This allows your AC to function more effectively. Our latest nano-ceramic film ranges can also filter out 96% infra read heat from the sun.
  • More Privacy: Window tint can block the view of outsiders who tend to try and sneak in a peek. With a window tint on, you can have better privacy and not be bothered by the stares and gazes of others.


  • Explore Options: Traditionally we offered a carbon or ceramic film option, however, we found over the years the demand for carbon films dropped less and less as the advantage of ceramic film eventually almost superseded the use of carbon film. Hence we now only offer nano-ceramic films.
  • Budget: Getting a car window tint is not an expense; it is more of an investment. But everyone has their own financial constraints. Our prices start from $595.00 depending on the size of the car.
  • Appearance: Car window tinting adds a lot of value to the looks of your car. Many car owners choose window tinting as an option for customising their car. There are window tints that offer various colour options too.
  • UV Reflecting Window Tints: UV rays are extremely harmful for the human body. It can cause premature aging, burns, and raises the risk of skin cancer. Having a UV-reflecting car window tinting will protect you from harmful effects of UV rays. Talk to our tinting experts to know more about the range of Anti-UV window tinting options that Detail Lab provides.
  • Know Your State Laws: Every State in Australia has specific rules about the percentage of tint you can add as far as car window tinting is concerned. In New South Wales, a newly tinted front side windows can have a VLT of 35% and all rear windows a VLT of 20%. Tinted or opaque bands are allowed at the top of the windscreen.
  • Get it done by a Pro: Detail Lab has the best car window tinting experts in Sydney. We have knowledge about the type of window tint that will suit you and we know how to get the job done right. You can meet our tinting experts at our workshop to have a look at their flawless work.
  • Maintenance: Your car window tinting will always require some amount of maintenance. At Detail Lab, we offer tinting maintenance along with our car detailing packages. Make sure you enquire about the same when you book your car maintenance appointment with us.

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No matter the make or model of your car, Detail Lab provides the best car window tinting service in Sydney. To know more, call now on 1300 344 334.

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Lifetime Warranty USA made Nano-Ceramic Window Tint

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About Detail Lab Window Tinting

How long do you have to wait to roll down windows after tint?

If windows are rolled down while the film is still curing to the glass, the tint will most likely peel off. So in order to allow the tint ample time to cure, it’s recommended that you leave your windows rolled up for at least 24 hours after installation.

What is the darkest legal tint in NSW?

Since 1 August 1994, NSW law has required that newly tinted side and rear windows maintain a VLT of at least 35% unless a darker tint is already fitted. Tinted or opaque bands are allowed at the top of the windscreen.

How do you clean tinted car windows?

Step 1: Spray glass cleaner onto your tinted window. Use an ammonia-free product such as the foaming glass cleaner, Stoner Invisible Glass. If you want to avoid spots on your car’s interior parts, you can spray the glass cleaner onto your cloth instead.

Step 2: Clean entire window.

What if I already have tinting on my windows?

Don’t worry! We can remove any existing tint when you come in to have the new film applied. For a quote please contact us.

General Detail Lab FAQS

Your prices say 'From' - how do I know how much it'll cost?

Due to there being many different types of vehicles and varying window panels/quarter panels, the final will depend on how much work is involved. Please contact us and we will be able to give you an estimate based on your vehicle.

Does Window Tinting come with a warranty?

Yes, all our window tinting comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Contact us for more information.

Why do you require the vehicle at your workshop?

To ensure we deliver high quality workmanship we need to perform our Paint Correction service in a controlled environment. Our facilities are set up with the latest tools and equipment, lighting and products to ensure the best possible results.

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