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Car detailing is all about a keen attention to detail and meticulous care. Nowadays though, many companies are using the moniker of ‘car detailing’ to describe a product that is basically a glorified car wash. At Detail Lab, our auto detailing services are much more than a wash and wax type service, and our cars come out of the workshop in perfect show-room condition.

To create the premium work, our technicians are trained longer, and possess a greater degree of skill and finesse. Specialist techniques such as ceramic paint protection and PPF film (or paint protection film), ensures that your car is protected, and that your car has the highest quality finish we can achieve.

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To ensure that the quality of our work is consistent and strong, Detail Lab uses only the highest quality products for its detailing.

paint protection film is applied to your paintwork to ensure that the gloss and shine is maintained through daily use. PPF film is important to stop contaminants from damaging your paintwork. Other benefits of using PPF include

  • Protection from damage caused by insects, bird droppings and road debris
  • Scratch and crack resistant with a high-gloss finish
  • Top Coating protects the PPF film from discoloration, keeping the film invisible
  • Easy installation and high longevity
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Self-healing topcoat protects from surface scratches
  • The PPF does not change how you maintain your car. You can wax, wash and care for your car as normal.

Ceramic paint protection is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand directly onto the car’s exterior. It is a semi-permanent to permanent application and provides additional protection to the car paint protection film. However, it is not a substitute to the PPF as it does not protect against scratches and rock chips. Benefits of ceramic paint protection include:

  • Protection from oxidization
  • Protection from chemical etching
  • Hydrophobic: muddy water will have a harder time staining your car
  • Enhanced gloss

Car Window Tinting in Gordon

An often-forgotten element of car aesthetics is tinted windows. While most people think of car detailing as paint, gloss and shine, a tinted window can also improve the look of your car. In addition to looks, car window tinting can also have health benefits:

  • Decreases heat in your car
  • Stops sun damage to your interior
  • Eliminates 99.6% of your UV rays
  • Reduces sun glare, protecting your eyes
  • Increases safety, especially when driving into the sun

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To arrange any car detailing or car window tinting service, give us a call on 1300 344 334 and come see us at our workshop at Unit 28/28 Barcoo St Roseville 2069. Our workshop is conveniently located close to bus access and is only a 10-minute drive from Gordon!