Premier car detailing shop in Sydney

Car detailing is much more than a car wash. It is not just about making your car clean, but making it glow and gleam better than showroom quality. This is done on both the exterior and interior of your car so you can get the admiration of both passers-byes and passengers a like.

To ensure your detailing work is of the highest quality, Detail Lab only sources the highest quality products. Our technicians work on your car from 6 hours to 30 hours to ensure that your car has a perfect finish. We use only the best steam cleaners, detailing brushes, carpet shampoos and machine polishers to ensure your car gets the best work.

We have partnered with Xpel paint protection film to make sure our meticulous detailing work stays showroom quality for longer. With our extensive experience and high-quality products, we can tailor a package for any car, from a daily driver to a show car.

Protecting the paintwork using paint protection film

Our paint protection film is optically clear and thin, and we use computer software to match the shape of any car. We use XPEL PPF, which is applied by hand with a proprietary gel to make sure the film is invisible to the naked eye. XPEL paint protection film will help protect the paintwork with:

  • Protection from damage caused by insects, bird droppings and road debris
  • Scratch and crack resistant with a high-gloss finish
  • Top Coating protects the PPF film from discoloration, keeping the film invisible
  • Easy installation and high longevity
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Self-healing topcoat protects from surface scratches
  • The Xpel PPF does not change how you maintain your car. You can wax, wash and care for your car as normal.

To supplement the paint protection film, we recommend ceramic paint protection. This acts as a wax and is applied to the exterior of the car. Ceramic paint protection is not a substitute for paint protection film but acts as a supplement and aids protection against chemicals and contaminants. This includes:

  • Protection from oxidization
  • Protection from chemical etching
  • Hydrophobic: muddy water will have a harder time staining your car
  • Enhanced gloss

Car window tinting in Sydney

Darker windows can improve the look of your car, supplementing the detailing work. Detail Lab offers a variety of premium window tinting films, and our technicians are also specialised in film removal. So, whether you need tinting film added, or you don’t like the look of your current window tinting, Detail Lab can help.

  • Decreases heat in your car
  • Stops sun damage to your interior
  • Eliminates 99.6% of your UV rays
  • Reduces sun glare, protecting your eyes
  • Increases safety, especially when driving into the sun

Ready to work with the premier car detailing company in Sydney? Contact us and we will tailor a package for your needs!

Call us on 1300 344 334 with your specific needs and car model and we can tailor a car detailing package for you. We will look forward to seeing you at our workshop at Unit 28/28 Barcoo St Roseville 2069. Our workshop is conveniently located close to bus access and there is ample parking out front!