An Introduction to
Car Paint Protection Film

for Your Cars

A Paint Protection Film or PPF is a clear and thick layer of thermoplastic urethane installed on your car’s body to protect its original paint from scratches, chips, and contaminants.

Car paint protection films that Detail Lab provides in Sydney can be applied to your entire vehicle. It can cover the painted surfaces, headlights, and mirrors. The PPFs that we use do not affect the light’s intensity or mirror’s view.

PPF is the first line of defense that you get against sunlight, bird droppings, scratches, harsh cleaners, gasoline, tree sap, etc. Along with all this, you also get to keep your car looking shiny and terrific.

Paint Protection Film

How to Remove Paint Protection Film From Your Vehicle

If you are planning to remove your car paint protection film, here are some useful tips:

  • Avoid a Quick Strip: Do not make the mistake of trying to peel off the PPF film in one shot like a band-aid. Try findingan area on the car where thepaint protection film separates more cleanly and start the process from there.
  • Use Plastic Scraper: Make sure that you do not use any metallicproduct to remove the PPF. Usea plastic scraper as it will not scratch the paint of your car when you are removing the paint protection film.
  • UseHeat: The most effective way to remove PPF off your car is to use a heat gun or a blow dryer.Pointthe gun or dryer on to the peeled-off area for a minute or two while holding it about 8 to 12 inches away from the film to avoid burning it. This will help you in peeling off large chunks more effectively.
  • Use Adhesive Remover: As soon as you are done taking off the PPF, use an adhesive remover to clean the surface.A quick rub should be enough to remove the layer of glue that was used to stick the paint protection film.
  • Wipe & Wax: Use a microfiber towel to wipe away the adhesive remover and other remains on the surface.After that, apply wax for some interim protection for the surface.

If you find this process taxing, then do not worry. The experts at Detail Lab can have your old car’s paint protection film removed in a jiffy.

The Advantages of Automotive Paint Protection Film | PPF

  • Keep Your Car Looking New:A layer of PPF prevents your car’s paint from fading and gives it a polished glossy appearance. This look stays for a lot longer in comparison to other paint protection methods.
  • Retain Resale Value: A good looking car will always command a higher price. Having a layer of PPF on your car helps maintain those looks and prevents minor damage that could decrease the value of the car.
  • Easy Cleaning: PPF repels dust, water, and even certain organic matter. With a PPF coating on your car, you can have your vehicle looking clean with a quick wipe down.
  • Protection: Many do not notice it, but UV rays can harm the car’s paint by way of pre-mature fading. An auto paint protection film will negate the effects of UV rays on your car. It will also protect your car from chemicals, scratches, rust, nicks, and even burns. A PPF is an effective invisible vehicle paint protection. There are different types of clear paint protection film that you can choose from at Detail Lab.
  • Save On Repairs: One of the biggest advantages of paint protection film is that you don’t have to spend money frequently on minor damage repairs.

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Detail Lab offers the best car paint protection films in Sydney. If you are looking for paint protection film installers, contact us today at 1300 344 334. We also supply 3M paint protection film.

Pricing Guide

Paint Protection Film Packages

Pick your level of coverage

Whether you want just the essentials or an entire paint protection clear bra wrap. We offer a paint protection package that will cover your needs and budget. If one of our packages isn’t exactly the coverage you are looking for, please contact us and we would be happy to put together a custom package for you.

Essentials Package
Paint Protection Film



This is a popular package for those looking for entry level protection with budget in mind, giving you a high level of protection from most of your every day driving.

  • Full Front Bumper
  • Partial Hood
  • Partial Front Fenders
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Turnaround 1 day

Full Front Package
Paint Protection Film



This is our most popular package providing substantial front end coverage for all vehicles.

  • Full front bumper
  • Full front guards
  • Full bonnet
  • Headlights
  • Mirrors
  • Turnaround 1 day

Complete Package
Paint Protection Film



This package provides the most complete protection option for your vehicle. Additional coverage over the entire car protects your investment from debris and stone chips, scratches, scrapes and wear and tear.

  • All exterior painted surfaces protected
  • Turnaround 5 days

About Detail Lab Paint Protection Film

How does the self-healing work?

Paint Protection Film contains a proprietary top-coat. This top coat protects the urethane against surface scratches. The majority of surface scratches will self-heal when exposed to heat – sun, warm panel (motor running), warm water, etc. We demonstrate this with a copper wire brush to simulate surface scratches that will self-heal such as surface dirt, sand, salt, etc.

Will your Paint Protection Film turn yellow?

Our Paint Protection Film is protected against yellowing. Our top coat protects the Paint Protection Film against harmful solvents that are in gas, oil, bird droppings, car exhaust, etc. that can absorb into the film and discolor it.

Will paint with and without Detail Lab Paint Protection Film fade differently?

No. The area protected with our Paint Protection Film will fade at the same rate as the unprotected area.

Can you see Paint Protection Film on a car?

No! Detail Lab uses the highest optical clarity film which means it’s virtually invisible to the naked eye. It’s essentially a clear coating that is applied to your paintwork, so it actually enhances the gloss look of your car!

How do I wash a car that's been wrapped with protection film?

You can wash, wax and care for your car just like you normally would. Whatever vehicle you drive, a sedan, SUV, ute or truck, our Paint Protection Film provides the best option to help keep your vehicle in prime condition.

General Detail Lab FAQS

Your prices say 'From' - how do I know how much it'll cost?

Due to there being many different types of vehicles and the condition of the paint work can vary greatly we can only give an estimate, the final cost would depend on how much work is involved. Please contact us and we will be able to give you an estimate.

Does this Paint Protection Film product come with a warranty?

Detail Lab warranties all our paint protection film work for your peace of mind against cracking, bubbling or yellowing caused solely by defects in manufacture or materials, for a period of ten years from the date of purchase of the product. For more information on warranty terms, conditions and exclusions, contact us for more information.

Why do you require the vehicle at your workshop?

To ensure we deliver high quality workmanship we need to perform our Paint Correction service in a controlled environment. Our facilities are set up with the latest tools and equipment, lighting and products to ensure the best possible results.

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